Yasser Darwish & the Egyptian Celebration Company

Yasser founded the Egyptian Celebration Company in 2001. Its goal: to present the rich
culture of Egypt and the Middle East to people around the world. Collecting talented dancers, musicians and artists, Yasser presents the folkloric dances/music of his heritage infused with modern streaks of inspiration.

The Egyptian Celebration Company can be seen at heritage festivals, schools, universities, television programs, weddings, nursing homes and private parties. Recent appearances include Good Day New York (Fox 5), and The Riverside Theatre (NYC). The Company also provides educational workshops and demonstrations/performances and travels Nationally
and Internationally.

Whirling Dervish / Tanoura:

This spectacular continuous spinning is part of a special meditation of the Sufis.
Yasser presents the Egyptian version. It is merely symbolic of the original Sufi dance
and its main purpose is for entertainment. The bright colors, exciting music, drum props
and physical ability of the dancer will amaze onlookers and excite any audience!

Saiidi Cane / Saiidi Stick Dance / Tahtib

Tahtib is a stick dance from Upper Egypt. This is the Southern region of Egypt – a place with very strong cultural traditions among the rural people who have lived there for thousands of years. The sticks (made of a special plant grown by the Nile) are used in daily life for farming, herding sheep, walking and playful combats.

Yasser performs this dance in a variety of ways: by using one stick; two sticks or duet with a partner.

Horse Show

Our version of the Horse Dance uses a life-sized horse puppet not a real horse. This is an imitation of the movements of the famous Arabic Dancing Stallions.
This show is very good for family events: children’s parties, sweet-sixteen, bar-mitzvahs, and weddings… Bring fun and laughs to your party!

Zaffa – Middle Eastern Wedding Processional

In Egypt and many other Middle Eastern Countries, the bride and groom are accompanied by musicians, singers and dancers in a playful and exciting procession into the Wedding Party.

Bring traditional culture to enhance your wedding celebration.

Choose from the following artists to enhance your special day:
Musicians , Singers, Saiidi Stick Dancers, Bellydancers, Wings of Isis, Shamedan and more…


This dance was traditionally performed at weddings by the dancer/bride who wore a large Candelabrum (Shamedan). The Candelabrum looks like a large candelabra, except that it holds numerous lit candles in a dome shape frame that fits snugly onto the head. Although this fiery crown is quite heavy, the dancer’s movements are light and graceful as she laminates any room and brings good luck to all.

Dabke: The Dance of the Village

Dabke is the line and circle dancing that one can often see danced at weddings and celebrations. The Dabke is danced in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan – all with their own variations.
It is a very “earthy” line dance with lots of feet stamping, hoping, and twirling done in different combinations and a community dance where women and men can perform together. Usually the leader of the line has their right hand free, so will twirl napkins or hankies.

Wings of Isis / Butterfly

Graceful dancers wear large colorful wings imitating Isis – one of the famous goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Isis grew wings searching the dessert crying for her lost love – the murdered Osiris. The wind created from her wings brought the breath of life back into Osiris. Oriental dancers today use wings as a symbol to remind viewers of and evoke the power of this great mythological image.

A beautiful addition to any dance show, Zaffa or cultural presentation.

Raks Sharqi – Oriental Dance

Sharqi refers to the “Dance of the East” or “Oriental Dance”. Possibly the oldest dance form in the world. The dance originated as a fertility dance or Goddess worshiping dance performed by women in front of other women only. Today there are influences from many other international styles of dance which reflect the many cultural influences that have impacted this ancient dance.

Many more styles available upon request.

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